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Tax Safe.

Fee Protection

Protect yourself form the cost of a TAX INVESTIGATION

 with our TAX SAFE scheme.


An enquiry by HMRC can be a serious disruption to business and can take quite some time to resolve.

We run a fee protection scheme for our clients that will cover our fees for conducting all the work necessary in negotiating a settlement with HMRC should you be unfortunate enough to receive their attention.


You will also have access to a one of the premier UK help lines which could save you a great deal of time and money in areas such as:

Human Resources,

Company Law,

Employment Law,

Landlord & Tenant and

Health & Safety.

If you would like to take out, or as an existing client, renew your policy, please contact us. Cover is only available to clients who have paid the policy fee and for whom we hold a 64-8 HMRC authority.


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